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A kimono rental shop in an amazing place

where has beautiful nature and great history,


Put on a kimono, experience local, 

enjoy your journey.

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【NEW Campaign Notice】

We are starting the

"Group & Pair Discount Campaign".


Campaign Period:

May 11, 2024, to June 9, 2024


Target Conditions:

Customers who make a reservation in advance

and use the service with 2 or more people

during the campaign period.


Discount Details:

¥500 OFF per person.


*Excluded from the campaign: Set Plan.

*This discount cannot be combined with

other discounts offered at our store.


Target Store:

KYOLAN Togetsukyo Bridge Store



We have a newly made selfie space in our shop right now!
Make sure you don’t forget to take some great selfies here after you dress a kimono! 

Items for selfie are free to use.
Feel free to visit! 

*Only customers who use our main service can use the selfie space.


Kyolan will switch rental kimono to summer version from June 1st, and we are also updating our summer kimono rental plan prices since then.

Price update details:
【Select Yukata】
3900 JPY+tax → 4400 JPY+tax
【Men’s Yukata】
3900 JPY+tax → 4400 JPY+tax
【Kids’ Yukata】
2900 JPY+tax → 3400 JPY+tax

•Summer kimono & yukata rental starts from June 1st.
•Other summer rental plan remains the same price.
•The new prices will be applied to the booking that is made after June 1st 2024.
•Booking made before June 1st can still use the service at old price.

Please don’t miss the chance before June1st. We are looking forward to your reservation.


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