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Available in Jun, Jul, Aug only
Step ①

Choose Kimono plan

Different type of kimonos have different prices

Step ②

Check the option service

Hair set, Obi change makes more fun for kimono rental 

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Step ③

Make a reservation

Please check before you make reservation

Kimono Plans
Choose the plan you like
Check your favorite plan

Set plan

¥2900 +tax

This is a limited plan, which is available only to the [pre-ordered] customer. Changing from other plan to this plan is not possible.

Yukata is made for summer, it's a simple version of kimono. 
Obi and yukata is a set and coordinated, which will be easy for the ones who are trying kimono for the first time.

Set includes: Yukata, inner wear, Obi, Geta(Shoes), bag




Select Yukata

¥3900 +tax

More choices for pattern, colors, and styles. You can create coordinating by yourself, which is part of the fun you have in Kimono rental.

Set includes: Yukata, inner wear, Obi, Geta(Shoes), bag

Summer Kimono

¥5500 +tax

Kimono that is made by ro or sha, which are very high end material for summer kimono. Different from yukata, summer kimonos are in more mature, formal and elegant style. 
Kimono parts such as obi, obi jime are special too. 

Set includes: kimono, inner wear, Obi, Zouri(Shoes), bag