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Terms of Service
terms of service

1. A confirmation mail will be delivered once the reservation is made. If you don't find it please check the spam mail folder. We have 2 shops in Arashiyama, please confirm the shop address and name when you visit us.

2. Only 1 reservation is needed for a group use, please do not make reservation separately.

3. Please only put numbers of people who are surely using the service on the reserved day. Cancellation fee will be charged if the number of people is less than the number that is written in the reservation information.  

4. Customer who do not use our service(wear our kimono) will not be allowed to enter the shop, wait inside the shop or wait by the entrance of the shop. Kid under 18 who is using our service can bring 1 company. 

5. Cancellation.

For [kimono rental service] :

Cancellation costs no charge until 6pm on the day before your reservation.

Cancellation made after that will cause a cancellation charge. (3,300JPY / person)
*Deadline of cancellation for 
group that is over 10 people is 6pm 3 days before the reserved day.

For [Photo service] :

Cancellation costs no charge until 6pm 3 days before your reservation.

Cancellation made after that will cause a cancellation charge. (10,000JPY / session)

For agent booking: Cancellation fee will be paid by agent if customer himself/herself was absent.

6. Change a reservation.

For [kimono rental service] :

Date can be changed until 6pm on the day before your reservation. Kimono plans can be changed on the day you visit (Set plan is limited plan, needs pre order).

*Deadline of changing booking content for group that is over 10 people is 6pm 3 days before the reserved day.

For [Photo service] :  

Please contact us to cancel the original reservation and then send us another request. 

7. Silk made kimono such as Togetsu and Furisode may not be available on the rainy day, in that case please change to other plans on the reserved day.(Kyolan plan is available)

8. Kimono shall be returned before 6pm. Return later than 6pm will cause additional charge.(550JPY/15mins/person) .

Return later than 7pm is not available, please return on the next day before 12pm (2200JPY/person is needed for return on the next day). Returning after 12pm on the next day will be charged rental fee for 1 more time, in that case, kimono can be return anytime before 6pm on the next day.


9. A request is needed for reserving photo service. Please check the photo plan page and send us the request. A reply from us will be delivered in 3 days after your request is sent. 


10. When customer causing a unfixable damage, dirt, blood, tobacco burn to the kimono, 7000 JPY will be charged as penalty. Please treat our kimono carefully. (Charge can be higher for Furisode plan, Homongi plan, Togetsu plan).


11. Deposit is needed for some of the kimono rental such as Furisode. It will be fully returned when no damage exist on the returned kimono. 

12. Only representative's reservation is needed for a group visit. If plan for each person is decided, feel free to write it down in the reservation form. 

13. Changing Obi or Kimono after the dressing process started is not free, payment for the plan is still needed, so please let the staff know you want to change before the dressing process begins. Same for hair styling. 

14. For your safety, we do not accept putting on kimono for pregnant customers. We are not responsible for costumers who come to putting on kimono without letting the staff know about the pregnancy.


If you have other questions, please check the FAQ or contact us directly.

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