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photography plan
Plan details

60min session


This session make you enjoy the view better while taking the photos, less rush, more joy. 
Photo spot will be 2 of the 3 locations(Bamboo forest, Togetsukyo bridge and bamboo forest) If participant is not many, locations can be 3. 

Photo data: 70-80  Spot:2-3  Limit for participant:4

120min session


Arashiyama area does not only have bamboo forest and bridge, this session will help you discover this area as well as Saga area even better. Traditional cobblestone road which surrounded by thatched roof houses, temples that is famous for beautiful flowers... if you love Kyoto, please do not miss it. 

Photo data: 140-160  Spot:more than 3  Limit for participant:4

30min session


Only available for March, April, November, December

If you want some kimono photos in beautiful Arashiyama for good memory, this is the plan for you. Don't worry about kimono pose. 
Location will be bamboo forest or kimono forest or Togetsukyo bridge.

Photo data: 30-40  Spot:1  Limit for participant:4

Before sending request
Please check content below

Term of service

  • Kimono service is not included in each session, it only include photo service.

  • If photoshoot starts later than it was planed because of customer's reasons, the shooting time will be shorter than the ordered plan, and will end at the time that is planed. Fee for the session will be the same as the original order without refund or discount. (For example, 60mins photoshoot starts from 11am and end at 12pm, if customer is late for 30mins, the photoshoot will be 30mins and ends at 12pm, will still be charged for 60mins session)

  • For using our photo service, please send us a request by filling the form below, we will confirm the schedule and reply in 3days. 

  • If the requested day is available, a deposit is needed for the final reservation, please make the payment after receiving our email. 

  • Deadline for cancelling your reservation is 3 days before the reserved day.  (For example, if you reserved 24th, the deadline will be 6pm of 21st). Deposit will not be returned when the deadline passed.

  • For customer who don't need kimono rental, photo session will be 44,000 JPY/hour.

  • Photo data will be delivered by email in 1 week.(May take longer in spring or autumn season)

  • 30mins session is a limited session which is only available for March, April, November and December. Shooting location will be Bamboo forest or Kimono forest or Togetsukyo bridge.

  • For 120mins session, please let us know if you have any locations you want to visit.  Photo spot can be anywhere that is within 2km from our shop. (If permission is needed for the location, please take permission before making reservation with us)

  • Transportation fee is needed when going out of Arashiyama area. (further than 2km from our shop)

  • ​Ticket fee or transportation fee of the staff's will be paid by the costumer. 

  • ​Shooting time starts to count when arrive at the first spot. 

  • Every session has limit for participant. If participant is over the limit, same session need to be ordered again (photographer +1)

Request a photo session 

Photo session Request form

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