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Available the whole year
Step ①

Choose kimono plan

Different type of kimonos have different prices

Step ②

Check the option service

Hair set, Obi change makes more fun for kimono rental 

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Step ③

Make a reservation

Please check before you make reservation

Kimono Plans
Choose the plan you like

Hakama plan


No student discount

Hakama for graduation ceremony, is a tradition in Japan. 

But it became a fashion in here too! Wearing a boots when dressing hakama is also recommended!

*This plan doesn't include kimono but only Hakama. Renting a Furisode is recommend for this Hakama plan.(Other kimono is OK)

Set includes:  Hakama

Polyester furisode


No student discount

In Japan, Furisode is a high level kimono for unmarried ladies, this plan is offering Furisode for teenager, the patterns are more casual, fresh. The kimono is made of polyester combined with half  width belt. If you are looking for better material furisode, check other plans downbelow.

Set includes: Kimono, inner wear, Half width Obi, Obi accessary bag, sox, shoes

Teenager Silk Furisode


No student discount

Furisode for teenager. The furisode is made of silk, patterns are cute and fresh, the belt is Fukuro obi belt, which is a very high end belt for formal kimonos. If you are or over 18, we recommend Silk furisode plan down below.

Set includes:  Kimono, inner wear, Obi(Fukuro obi), Obi accessary

bag, sox, shoes