Sep 5th~Oct 31st
for all plans!
25% off
*Opening sale available for customer who visits before Oct 31st.

Set Plan

Your first choice if you worry about your budget.

Best price we have. Set includes kimono, obi, bag, sox, shoes, everything need to look local! 

Set includes:  Kimono, inner wear, Obi(half width type), bag, sox, shoes



¥2880~ +tax


*Opening sale available for customer who visits before Oct 31st.


The last illumination

Hanatoro is the illumination event we have in Ararashiyama area every December. But this year will be the last time we have it.
(Dec 10th ~19th)
So this will be the
last chance to enjoy it.
The event close at 8:30pm everyday, and hope you enjoy this event with kimono even in the late time after we close. So we decide to change the "Next day return charge" to
0 yen.
(Until Dec 19th). 
Feel free to visit!

* Personal belongings can be left in our shop until your next day return. You can also keep them in the locker of the train station.


More discount with GoTo travel

campaign coupon!

Payment with GoTo travel coupon in KYOLAN is available!

3pm discount

kimono 20% OFF!

We have discount for visitor who visit us after 3pm, so even you come to Arashiyama late, you can still enjoy kimono.

*Discount will be available on weekedns or holiday during Nov1st to Dec15th

Set Plan doesn't get this discount.

Set includes:  Kimono, inner wear, Obi, sox, shoes


Coming of Age Campaign!

Coming of Age ceremony are cancelled in many

places in Japan because of the serious situation

of Covid-19. We decide to support those who couldn't

celebrate in the ceremony by giving discount for 

kimono rental plan and photo plan.

Furisode Rental Plan 69,800 JPY

Photo Plan 1 hour 15,000 JPY

Hair set free!

We wish everyone have a good coming of age day.